• Full Face $150
  • Upper lip $45
  • Chin $45
  • Side Bums $60
  • Neck (front and back) $60
  • Stomach $125
  • Back $125
  • Full Legs $300
  • Half Legs $175
  • Under Arms $85
  • Arms $150
  • Bikini Line $70
  • Brizilian $150

We are using of IPL Hair removal system for permanent and painless hair removal. Full Body, Face, Legs, Bikini & Underarm Professsional Hair Remover.

Laser hair removal is popular with people wanting a solution to hair removal that is more permanent than some other methods. Using lasers to remove hair works by stopping the hair follicles from growing new hairs.

Before embarking on the therapy, however, people should make themselves aware of some side effects of laser hair removal, as well as some myths that surround the process.

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